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1966 Hastings 6d (ord). Pair of stamps with "bronze" and "yellow" Queen's heads

Unmounted pair of stamps illustrating the "bronze" and "yellow" shade varieties of Queen's head.As explained in "Woodstock" catalogue. ...



1966 Hastings 4d (phos). MISSING GREY. SG 705pj/10pj

Unmounted mint separated (2 x 3) se-tenant strip of six with error MISSING GREY (loss of colour from knights and horses on all six stamps. Illustrated with normal strips ...



1966 Landsacpes 1/3 (ord). Listed minor constant variety "accent above ES of WALES" SG 691 var

Unmounted mint marginal block of four with "pale diagonal white line above ES of WALES" from R 6/1. Lower left stamp of block. 



1966 Burns 4d (ord). Very Fine Used block of six. SG 685.

Very Fine Used block of six as illustrated. 14th Feb date stamp



1966 Landscapes P.O Forensic Dept "CANCELLED" overprints.

4d, 1/3 & 1/6 values. All stamps with full gum unmounted mint. 



1966 World Cup 1/3 (ord). Cyl. 1A1B1C1D2E no dot Perf Type F (P/E).

Unmounted mint. Lower margin very slightly cut back as illustrated. Contains listed constant variety "darned stocking"  R 19/2. SG Spec. W91c



196 Birds 4d (phos). Cylinder 2A1B1C1D1E2F2G1H block of 6.

Unmounted mint cyliber block of six. As illustrated



1966 Hastings 4d (phos). INVERTED WATERMARK. SG 705paWi.

Unmounted mint folded marginal se-tenant strip WATERMARK INVERTED.



1966 Hastings 4d (ord). BLADE FLAW. Cylinder 1A1B1C1D1E1F1G1H1J block of 24.

Unmounted mint cylinder block of 24 (light creasing column 1). Light Green BLADE FLAW top strip. Most obvious at top right margin. Becomes progressively feinter has move ...



1966 Hastings 6d (ord).SHIFT OF OLIVE GREEN Traffic light block. SG 711p var

Unmounted mint traffic light block of six with SHIFT OF OLIVE GREEN downward . Illustrated and supplied with normal T/L block at right.



1966 Hastings 6d (ord).SHIFT OF BRIGHT BLUE Traffic light block. SG 711 var

Unmounted mint traffic light block of six with SHIFT OF BRIGHT BLUE to left. Illustrated and supplied with normal T/L strip.



1966 Birds 4d (phos). Very Fine Used corner marginal block SG 696p-699p

Very Fine Used top right corner block of four as illustrated.



1966 Abbey 2/6. Plate 1.

Unmounted mint. Grade B margins. As illustrated.  Light crease in lower right corner. Not visible on scanned image.



1966 Burns 4d (phos). Cyl. 1A1B1C no dot. Narrow band at left.

Unmounted mint. Grade B margins. Narrow Phosphor Band at left. As illustrated.



1966 Hastings 1/3 (ord). SHIFT OF OLIVE GREEN DOWNWARD. SG 712 var.

Unmounted mint single with striking DOWNWARD SHIFT OF OLIVE GREEN. Illustrated and supplied with normal below



1966 Hastings 1/3 Ordinary & Phosphor cylinder blocks. Listed variety "club flaw".

Pair of unmounted mint cylinder blocks of eight, anotations in margins as illustrated, each with "club flaw" variety R 7/2



1966 World Cup 6d (ord). WATERMARK INVERTED. SG 694Wi T/L single

Unmounted mint T/L  marginal single with WATERMARK INVERTED.



1966 Christmas 3d (phos). ERROR CYLINDER WITH HORIZONTAL PHOSPHOR BAND. SG Spec. WP109 foot note

A fine unmounted mint cylinder block of six with BROAD HORIZONTAL PHOSPHOR BAND across tops of all stamps in upper row. It is stated in footnote in Gibbon's Spec. Vo...



1966 Birds (phos). SG 696p-699p

UM unfolded se-tenant block of 4