Condition Detail

My standards with regards to condition of material are rigorous:

MINT STAMPS: All stamps are in fine unmounted mint fault free condition with full perforations unless specifically stated otherwise. For unmounted mint items generic images may be used. Any apparent defect/blemish apparent on the images unless described can be assumed to be artefact.

USED STAMPS: All used stamps will be fault free (no creases,thins etc) unless described otherwise. Used items for sale will be illustrated with actual item for sale unless it is specifically stated "generic image" in subtitle.  

COVERS: Covers will be in fine fresh condition free of creases,tears etc. All covers will be illustrated with actual item for sale.


All cylinder blocks will be the format as listed in Stanley Gibbons Specialised Catalogues Vol. 3 & 5 or larger.  Generic images may be used but will be an accurate representation of item for sale. I "grade" cylinder blocks according to how they have been removed from sheet. All blocks are unmounted mint including margins unless stated otherwise. All blocks have all perforations intact (no separation). 

Grade A.  Imperforate margins are angled (not cut back or cut square) and both margins on block must be angled if both are imperforate. Perforated margins are separated along perforations. May be illustrated with generic image.

Grade B.  If any imperforate margins cut square (not cut back) and perforated margins separated along perforations. May be illustrated with generic image.

Grade C.  A block with any margin cut back. Only very scarce blocks will be offered in this condition and illustrated with actual item for sale

DECIMAL ISSUES.The accepted standard for decimal cylinder blocks is for any imperforate margin to be angled (not cut back or cut square). This standard came about at the advent of the decimal Machin issues and was set and expected by specialist dealers and collectors. All decimal cylinder blocks offered will have imperforate margins angled and therefore generic images may be used. 

PREDECIMAL ISSUES. Prior to the more rigorous "standards" expected, mentioned above it was the "norm" for cylinder blocks to have imperforate margins cut or torn square. Cylinder blocks from the predecimal era with imperforate margins angled are relatively scarcer than those with margins cut or torn square (especially if both margins were imperforate). As a consequence cylinder blocks with angled margins will command a premium. 

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