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Elizabethan Stamps

Elizabethan Stamps is one of the the "portfolio" of websites owned and operated by Ian Lasok-Smith (Philatelist). These websites cover all aspects of Great Britain and Commonwealth Philately. Each site having a slightly different emphasis.

Elizabethan Stamps has been created to appeal to the specialist and discerning collector of the postage stamps and related material from the reign of Queen Elizabeth II (excluding the Machin issues for which I have a separate dedicated site).The emphasis on Elizabethan Stamps will be the listing items of interest to the more specialist collectors of the era. (although a large selection of very competitively priced less specialised material will be offered). To this end scarcer printings in all formats e.g sheet, booklet..... errors and varieties and more unusual stamps related material will feature. The listings are suited to those use the Gibbon's Specialised Volumes 3 & 5 and the Stoneham Great Britain Stamp Catalogue (and for those who are familiar with it the "Woodstock" Catalogue of British Elizabethan Stamps)

For a further selection of:- Specialised Single Stamps, Scarce printings, Missing Colours, Imperforates, Colour and Perforation Shifts, Inverted Watermarks, Booklet Errors, Proofs, Artists Work.........visit my website  gbphilately.co.uk established in 1999

For a specialised listing of material related to the Machin Issues including major errors and varieties visit my MachinStamps.co.uk  see below

Professional Memberships:

I am a full member of the Philatelic Traders Society (PTS). Membership No. 5904

I am a full member of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association. Membership No. 219


Great Britain Philatelic Society

Modern British Philatelic Circle

The Postal Stationery Society

Machin Collectors Club

Other websites owned and operated by Ian Lasok-Smith (Philatelist)


My retail site catering for collectors of all aspects of Great Britain Philately seeking those special items to enhance their collections.

Exceptional scarce and high value items from all reigns are offered, with however a marked emphasis on Modern Errors & Varieties. 


Devoted exclusively to the Machin issue and related material. Specialised single stamps, cylinder blocks, booklets, errors & varieties. There is an emphasis on providing interesting specialised (but not necessarily expensive) items . The listings cater for those who use the Stanley Gibbons Specialised Volumes 3 & 4 and the Machin Collectors Club catalogue.