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1966 Landscapes P.O Forensic Dept "CANCELLED" overprints.

4d, 1/3 & 1/6 values. All stamps with full gum unmounted mint. 



4½d chestnut. "Phantom frame" with "SCHOOL SPECIMEN" ovpt. SG 577a

Unmounted mint example with "SCHOOL SPECIMEN" overprint.



1970 Anniversaries 1/-. PERF THRU RIGHT MARGIN. SG 821 var.

Unmounted mint right marginal single perforated through right margin. From scarce sheet Perf Type F(L).



1966 Christmas 1/6 (ord). "floating Queen's head". SG 714 var

UM pair of singles each with different setting of Queen's head.



1972 General Anniversaries. Set on GPO German Publicity Card.

Set attached to card dimensions 220 x 275mm.