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1966 Christmas 1/6 (ord). Cyl. 1A 1B 2C 1D no dot block of six.

Unmounted mint cylinder 1A 1B 2C 1D no dot block of six lower margin angled.



1966 Landscapes P.O Forensic Dept "CANCELLED" overprints.

4d, 1/3 & 1/6 values. All stamps with full gum unmounted mint. 



4½d chestnut. "Phantom frame" with "SCHOOL SPECIMEN" ovpt. SG 577a

Unmounted mint example with "SCHOOL SPECIMEN" overprint.



1970 Anniversaries 1/-. PERF THRU RIGHT MARGIN. SG 821 var.

Unmounted mint right marginal single perforated through right margin. From scarce sheet Perf Type F(L).



1966 Christmas 1/6 (ord). "floating Queen's head". SG 714 var

UM pair of singles each with different setting of Queen's head.