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1992 Environment 33p. Very Fine Used single. SG 1631

Very fine used single with cds in SW corner. As illustrated



1972 Churches. MISSING PHOSPHOR set of 5 values. SG 904-908y

UM set of 5 values MISSING PHOSPHOR.



1974 Tree. SG 949

UM single (PVA gum)



1968 Paintings 1/-. Cyl. 2A 2B 2C 2D 2E 2F dot block of six.

Unmounted mint. Grade B margins. 2B embossed cylinder impression clearly visiible with magnifier



1969 Christmas 1/6. MISSING PHOSPHOR &EMBOSSING. SG 814ya

 Unmounted mint traffic light single  MISSING PHOSPHOR & EMBOSSING. Embossing dot missing from traffic light.



1966 World Cup (phos). SG 693p-695p

UM set of 3 values



1980 London Stamp Exhibition 50p Type I. Vertical Bar Gutter Pair no dot.

UM unfolded gutter pair. Type I.  (original). Distinguishing features: top and bottom lines in shading of portrait broken. Shading below left arm of tower bridge and on ...



1962 NPY 2½d (phos). Listed varieties "emblem & arrows retouch" R3/3, "arrows heas retouch" R4/4

1962 NPY 2½d (phos). Unmounted mint positional block of eight with two listed constant varieties:  "emblem & arrows retouch" SG WP26a   "arrows head re...



1965 Parliament (phos). SG 663p

UM single.  No 2/6 issued on phosphor issue.



2d light red brown. Edwards Crown. Training School Bar Overprints

Unmounted mint  block of four with Training School Bar Overprints.



1963 Nature Week 4½d (ord). Row 18/19 Cyl. 1A 1B 1C 1D 3E block of six

Unmounted mint block of six. Grade B margins



1966 Burns (ord). SG 687-688

UM set of 2 values



1972 Anniversaries 7½p. Minor constant variety "spot over g of coastguard" SG 902 var

Unmounted mint marginal pair with "spot over g of coastguard" R 7/2



1973 Christmas 3½p (PVAD Gum). Missing Red. SG 948g.

Unmounted mint single with error MISSING RED (King's robe). PVAD gum. Illustrated with normal at right.



1966 Christmas (ord). SG 713-714

UM set of 2 values



1969 Investiture 5d. MISSING PHOSPHOR. SG 802/4Eya. Cylinder block.

A fine unmounted mint unfolded cylinder block of nine. MISSING PHOSPHOR.



1969 Ships 5d. SHIFT OF RED. Attractive progressive strip. SG 778 var

1969 Ships 5d with SHIFT OF RED DOWNWARDS (Cunard logo). Attractive unmounted mint vertical strip of five.  Shift pronounced on upper 4 stamps with  image close ups at ...



1960 F.F.H (ord). Very Fine Used set of 2 values. SG 634-635

Very Fine Used set as illustrated